Who we are

We’ve been in the specialty oils business for more than 20 years. We started off selling our range of oils in bulk to food and cosmetic companies all around the world. They were looking for high-quality oils from people they could trust. Demand grew and so did our factory. We then decided to go at it ourselves and bottle our own range of oils. We really believe in doing good and treating the body with respect. Once our oils are bottled or put in capsules you can take and use them in many ways, and your body will thank you for it.

From farm to table

Traceability from crop to consumption is how we manage our food safety standards. We have research labs and research farms all working together to find the highest quality seed that produces the highest yield and premium quality oils. We have field consultants. One named Brent who knows everything about our crops. Everyday he visits the farms that are growing our crops, giving farmers advice. Brent ensures our plants and our farmers are taken care of every step of the way.

Our production process

We have a well-established plant with cold pressing equipment to extract the oils from our seeds.

Cold Pressing is regarded as the principal method of extracting oils without damaging them. Most other methods of oil extraction expose the seeds to heat and solvents, which can damage the ‘health-giving’ properties of oils. Our oil extraction equipment ensures that the oil is made in an oxygen-free environment, the temperatures reached during oil pressing do not exceed 40°C, and the oils are not exposed to light during the process.

These three factors ensure prolonged freshness, without any loss of the oil’s nutritional value.

Our manufacturing facilities

Glenys is in charge of our factory. From Cold Pressing to bottling she checks, double checks and triple checks every step of the process. You could say she’s a perfectionist. And we don’t want it any other way.

From extracting the oils in a dark room that blocks damaging ultraviolet light, to double insulating our factory walls to create a constant room temperature, we do everything by globally recognised food safety standards. And we've got the certificates to prove it!

  • Our Labs

    Some of us are secret nerds, so carrying out microbiological and chemical analysis on all of our oils is standard procedure for us. And we love it: data excites us!

    We use IANZ certified laboratories who confirm that the oil we sell meets international standards in a wide range of markets. Each specialty oil we make is batch tested to ensure a high nutritional quality for the optimal health for our consumers. 

    Our strong investment in research and innovation together with our in-house Food Technologist keeps our product lines new and innovative and at the forefront of an ever-developing marketplace.

  • Our Farmers

    Farmers get a bad rap, we’re on a serious mission to turn that around. Without them there would be no supermarkets. They’re hard-core. They’re some of the most humble people, yet biggest risk-takers you will meet and they take their job seriously. Being a farmer is tough, you have nature to deal with. If one day you get a freak hailstorm, that’s your income destroyed for the year. It’s like working in your office every day without a roof, you’ve gotta give it to the farmers. We know what it feels like when people haggle over a few dollars when buying our products. There’s no haggling with our farmers, we give them a generous price for growing our seeds. Because they deserve it.

What we provide

Our culinary cooking oils and oil capsules are made with the finest seeds and fruit, all produced in selected microclimates around New Zealand, watered using glacial melt, snuggled deep in mineral-rich fertile soil and looking at snow-capped mountains.

We like to think our crops are some of the happiest.

Once our oil is extracted from our happy seeds, we produce the best cooking oils and health supplements, rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 with fantastic health benefits.

We’re strong believers in the pureness and health benefits of nature and our oils are really good for you. They contain Essential Omega Fatty Acids such as Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

Our circle of trust