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Culinary Cooking Oils Gift Box

Culinary Cooking Oils Gift Box

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We've put together our most popular culinary cooking oils into a stunning giftbox for you to enjoy yourself or to give as a gift. This boxed bundle includes a 250mL bottle each of our high temperature culinary oils: Avocado Oil, Rapeseed Oil and our own exquisite Gold Cooking Oil Blend. 



omeganz™ High Temperature Culinary Oils are all Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed. A high smoke point (over 200ºC) makes oils of this category a healthy choice for stir frying, pan frying, wok cooking, grilling, sautéing, and oven roasting, as well as baking. These oils are
a great inclusion for your favourite marinade, or alternatively, drizzle over salads or use as a dipping oil. 



Made from avocados produced in fertile, unpolluted soils of the North Island. The oil is cold-pressed extracted which is the gold standard of oil extraction enabling retention of all the goodness and nutrients of the avocado. 

Avocado Oil is deliciously smooth with a pleasant buttery, aromatic flavour and is just as good drizzled over salad as it is to cook with. 

Extremely high smoke point: 271 C

Active ingredients: Oleic Acid (Omega-9)

See more specific Avocado Oil information here: Avocado Oil



Extracted from our own, NZ-grown seeds in the the South Island, our Rapeseed Oil is double filtered to give it a pure goldy colour with a superb flavour - you can really taste the difference compared to conventional store-bought Rapeseed Oils and ours.

Our Rapeseed Oil is a clean, pure, clear, double-filtered oil that is one of the healthiest cooking oils you can use. Definitely a household must. 

Very high smoke point: 204 C

Active ingredients: Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega-3)

See more specific Rapeseed Oil information here: Rapeseed Oil 



Our proprietary, high temperature cooking oil blend produced from a finely tuned combination of our exquisite Olive, Avocado, and Rapeseed Oils.

Our Gold Cooking Oil is another smooth, buttery cooking oil thanks to its inclusion of Avocado Oil which helps to enhance the flavour of your dishes. This combination oil is a cleverly versatile, stable and healthy cooking oil. 

Very high smoke point: 210 C 

Active ingredients: Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega-3); Oleic Acid (Omega-9)

See more specific Gold Cooking Oil Blend information here: Gold Cooking Oil Blend



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Natural products like ours need greater protection against rancidity than more chemically derived synthetic products. And, because maintaining optimal health is at the forefront of everyone's minds we need to consume products that are the most natural version of themselves. This is why we extract our oils in a dark room that blocks damaging ultraviolet light and also pack them in dark glass recyclable bottles or containers. This ensures greater preservation of the quality of the nutrients in the oil and helps extend shelf life without the need for chemicals.


Certified & Traceable

Our crops are tested to ensure that meet all quality specifications before they're pressed for oil. If they're not of the highest quality they're not used for oil. Our oils are cold-pressed and extra virgin which is the healthiest product process for retaining the nutrients of the seeds.

All of our oils are certified to New Zealand Food Safety Standards (HACCP, Kosher & Halal) and each batch is traceable right back to the farm where its seeds grew! Not many products can offer that kind of assurity in knowing exactly where your food item has come from.



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